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Depending on who you ask, the world is either heading for, or already in the midst of a data downpour. A study as recent as 2015 found that global internet traffic will likely reach 1.4 petabits per second – the equivalent to 125 terabytes p/s. This trend is likely to continue upward, and the implications...

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The benefits of enterprise architecture (EA) are many, but organizations adopt EA to varying degrees of success. The most successful enterprise architecture initiatives benefit from better management of cost, time and resources, improvements to processes, and an increase in inter-departmental transparency through the de-siloing of operations. They also benefit from enhanced decision making, risk management, improved...

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There’s a tipping point with any new concept. The point where an idea surpasses being just a ‘fad’, or another ‘buzzword’ and becomes rooted within a culture or society. With the estimated number of connected devices at 5 billion, and is projected to grow to over 30 billion by 2020, the Internet of Things has...

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