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A Message from erwin Support

by Roger Suttmeier

We in erwin Technical Support are busily implementing our new Zendesk ticket tracking system to improve our ability to support you, our partners, and our valued erwin customers. Releasing soon, our Zendesk system will provide you with the usual features you expect in a ticket tracking system, such as an online interface to track your...

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The results from a Nomura Holdings study interviewing CIOs about 2017 plans, hint at another good year for Enterprise Architecture. Much of what CIOs are looking to achieve will benefit greatly from a well deployed EA initiative. The United States based study interviewed 50 CIOs who consensually indicated Big Data, Security and Cloud Computing, would...

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For most, putting the pace of technology’s progression into perspective, only takes a quick look around the room. It seems we’ve now reached a tipping point where the science fiction dreams of ten years ago, are being realized in reality today. Even Hollywood interpretations of artificial intelligence for example, can now be found in most smartphones....

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By now, many companies have either just started, or are in the midst of an on-going digital transformation initiative. This isn’t a trend likely to be short lived either. The speed in which businesses have to evolve in order to keep up with new digital advancements will, in all likelihood, only increase. Considering the nature...

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