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Application development is new again. The ever-changing business landscape – fueled by digital transformation initiatives indiscriminate of industry – demands businesses deliver innovative customer – and partner – facing solutions, not just tactical apps to support internal functions. Therefore, application developers are playing an increasingly important role in achieving business goals. The financial services sector...

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Facebook’s data woes continue to dominate the headlines and further highlight the importance of having an enterprise-wide view of data assets. The high-profile case is somewhat different than other prominent data scandals as it wasn’t a “breach,” per se. But questions of negligence persist, and in all cases, data governance is an issue. This week,...

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The Facebook scandal has highlighted the need for organizations to understand and apply the five pillars of data governance readiness. All eyes were on Mark Zuckerberg this week as he testified before the U.S. Senate and Congress on Facebook’s recent data drama. A statement from Facebook indicates that the data snare was created due to...

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It’s important that business leaders foster organizational support for their data governance efforts. The clock is counting down to the May 25 effective date for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With the deadline just a stone’s throw away, organizations need to ensure they are data governance-ready. We’re continuing our blog series on the Five...

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