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Due to the adoption of data-driven business, organizations across the board are facing their own enterprise data dilemmas. This week erwin announced its acquisition of metadata management and data governance provider AnalytiX DS. The combined company touches every piece of the data management and governance lifecycle, enabling enterprises to fuel automated, high-quality data pipelines for...

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As a data-driven organization in the modern, hyper-competetive business landscape, it’s imperative that employees, business leaders and decision makers can understand your data. In a previous article, I argued that business process management without data governance is a perilous experiment. The same can be said for enterprise architecture initiatives that traditionally stop at the process...

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Big Data is causing complexity for many organizations, not just because of the volume of data they’re collecting, but because of the variety of data they’re collecting. Big Data often consists of unstructured data that streams into businesses from social media networks, internet-connected sensors, and more. But the data operations at many organizations were not...

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If your business is like many, it’s heavily invested in analytics. We’re living in a data-driven world. Data drives the recommendations we get from retailers, the coupons we get from grocers, and the decisions behind the products and services we’ll build and support at work. None of the insights we draw from data are possible...

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How much does your business invest in reputation management? It’s likely no one in the organization knows for sure because every interaction – in person, online or over the phone – can affect your firm’s reputation. The quality of the goods and services your organization provides, the training it gives employees, and the causes and...

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