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Data has been the driving force of the decade. Digital pioneers like Amazon, Netflix and Uber account for some of the most extreme market disruption their respective industries have faced. But such success cannot be attributed soley to head-starts. Many organizations have tried and failed to become truly “data-driven,” and many organizations will continue to...

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Metadata is an important part of data governance, and as a result, most nascent data governance programs are rife with project plans for assessing and documenting metadata. But in many scenarios, it seems that the underlying driver of metadata collection projects is that it’s just something you do for data governance. So most early-stage data...

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In the data-driven era, CIO’s need a solid understanding of data governance 2.0 … Data governance (DG) is no longer about just compliance or relegated to the confines of IT. Today, data governance needs to be a ubiquitous part of your organization’s culture. As the CIO, your stakeholders include both IT and business users in...

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