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If you’re serious about a data-driven strategy, you’re going to need a data catalog. Organizations need a data catalog because it enables them to create a seamless way for employees to access and consume data and business assets in an organized manner. Given the value this sort of data-driven insight can provide, the reason organizations...

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The most straightforward way to convey the difference between technical architecture and enterprise architecture (EA) is by looking at the scope and focus of each. As the name suggests, technical architects are more concerned with the technicalities and the specifics of a particular technology than with technology’s place in the enterprise. That’s not to say...

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The 80/20 rule is well known. It describes an unfortunate reality for many data stewards, who spend 80 percent of their time finding, cleaning and reorganizing huge amounts of data, and only 20 percent of their time on actual data analysis. That’s a lot wasted of time. Earlier this year, erwin released its 2020 State...

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Despite the similarities in name, there are a number of key differences between enterprise architecture and solutions architecture. Much like the differences between enterprise architecture (EA) and data architecture, EA’s holistic view of the enterprise will often see enterprise and solution architects collaborate. And as with data architecture, a solution architect’s focus is narrower. In...

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What Is Data Intelligence? Data Intelligence is the analysis of multifaceted data to be used by companies to improve products and services offered and better support investments and business strategies in place. Collectively, data intelligence refers to the tools, processes, and activities that are developed from business-related data that the company collects and processes for...

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In my role as chief sales officer, I am fortunate to spend my time with the industry’s most passionate and committed customers. In these highly competitive enterprises and in the new post-COVID era of business, erwin’s customers are laser-focused on helping their businesses enhance their operations through the application of data truths: insights that help...

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Because of its holistic view of an organization, enterprise architecture and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) go hand-in-hand. M&A activity, despite or in light of COVID-19, are on an upswing. The Financial Times reported Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft have made 19 deals so far this year, according to Refinitiv, the London-based global provider of financial market...

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We know these have been unprecedented and challenging times. While tradeshows and conferences may never be the same, social distancing doesn’t mean we stop learning. In fact, opportunities for personal and professional growth are more important than ever. I’m pleased to announce that erwin has decided to host an online conference for our customers, partners,...

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