Announcing erwin DM: the newest version of our flagship Data Modeling solution

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erwin is thrilled to bring you the next evolution of our industry-leading data modeling solution, designed to enhance the way your company views, understands, and utilizes data.

We want to help you build the ideal agile foundation for your data-driven enterprise, supported by our Any2 approach: Any Data, Stored Anywhere. By assimilating the unique challenges of Big Data and the Cloud with your traditional data sources and creating a “single source of the truth,” we help you design a unified approach to hybrid data management. Our model-driven approach delivers a  well-governed, contextual, and integrated enterprise architecture that supports all your data management initiatives, while building a collaborative platform for data-centric decision making. Finally, with the first-ever Cloud deployment option for an enterprise data modeling solution, we provide On-Demand modeling for the modern data architect.

The new erwin DM solution is ideal for:

  • Integrating new data management technologies and deployment methods into existing businesses architectures
  • Democratizing enterprise data through increased fluency, accountability, and collaboration
  • Managing data as a strategic asset to help drive growth, competitive advantage, and innovation

erwin helps you maintain an agile and effective data management approach that promotes increased strategic data usage across the enterprise!

erwin DM seeks to expand our Any2 approach and enable your business with:

  • Comprehensive Support for Data Sources
    • Enhanced Database Currency – including the latest release of Teradata (v15.10)
    • Now certified to work with SQL Server 2016, Progress OpenEdge 11.16 and fully integrates our erwin Data Modeler for SQL Azure
    • Round-trip engineering support for Hadoop Hive environments and AWS Redshift
    • Improved metadata harvesting capabilities across various platforms and sources
  • Enhanced Workflow Capabilities
    • Business Glossary Workflow – role-based workflow ensures terms are properly incorporated and governed across the modeled technical architecture
    • Bulk Data Mapping and Intelligent Metadata Stitching – Automates and accelerates the task of mapping semantic and data flow across your data architecture
    • Enhanced Data Documenter – Redesigned to improve the overall physical data modeling capabilities; no longer just a data documentation tool, it’s now a data requirements tool, capable of updating existing data stores or defining future ones!
    • User subscription for email notifications -Option for erwin Web Portal and erwin Data Governance users to subscribe to system-generated automated notifications, ensuring that users are informed of any changes to models and metadata
    • Various Modeler Productivity Improvements
  • Flexible Deployment Options and Licensing Support
    • The first provider to offer enterprise data modeling via a SaaS/subscription model, allowing you to avoid the costs and challenges of on-premise physical deployment
    • New licensing updates offer ease of use changes to the licensing dialog, allowing users to quickly and easily retrieve required workstation-specific host data

Want to learn more? Check out our webcast on January 26, at 11 AM EST.