erwin Expands Data Management Platform with Business Process Modeling Through Acquisition of Casewise

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Organizations have massive amounts of data scattered throughout their enterprise and often struggle to see this data in the context of where and how it’s being used by enterprise processes, technologies and applications. At erwin, we believe this visibility and understanding is critical to building the data-driven enterprise and to the solid foundation of every big data initiative.

That’s why we are very excited to announce our strategic acquisition of Casewise. Casewise solutions enable enterprises to capture, document and visualize the system interactions, business processes and organizational hierarchies that they need to make actionable and strategic decisions. Since 1989, Casewise has helped drive business process optimization for more than 30,000 Business Analysts and Architects across 3,000 leading organizations in finance, telecommunications, insurance, energy, pharmaceuticals, logistics, retail, government agencies and utilities.

No one else in the industry is bringing together data and business process modeling and enterprise architecture in one powerful integrated solution and we believe that our customers and prospects will recognize the value of this approach.

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