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erwin Acquires Casewise

erwin Expands Data Management Platform Through Acquisition of Casewise

Organizations have massive amounts of data scattered throughout them and often struggle to see it in the context of where and how it’s being used by enterprise processes, technologies and applications. At erwin, we believe this visibility and understanding is critical to building a data-driven enterprise and to the solid foundation of every data initiative.

That’s why we are acquired Casewise. Since 1989, their solutions have enabled enterprises to capture, document and visualize the system interactions, business processes and organizational hierarchies that they need to make strategic decisions.

More than 3,000 government agencies and organizations in finance, insurance, logistics, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecommunications and utilities have benefited from process optimization powered by Casewise.

And now erwin Enterprise Architecture (EA) and erwin Business Process (BP) solutions also are powered by Casewise.

They became part of our EDGE platform [link to products page] after we acquired Casewise in December 2016, and we continue to support them while also adding new features and functionality.

Please explore our website for more information about EA and BP in addition to other data management and data governance software.

And be sure to join the erwin Community where you can interact with fellow users, as well as our Product Management team.