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In much the same way as any building or infrastructure project requires different stakeholders and different plan views, enterprise architecture (EA) requires the same. You wouldn’t build a house without understanding the building architecture, pipework’s, electricity plans, ground plans, all within the context of each other. It provides the plans for different views of the...

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Identifying and analyzing new ideas across the organization is the first step in the strategic planning process of successful organizations. While portfolio management and the project management office (PMO) evaluate the initial idea, the enterprise architecture (EA) team evaluates ideas with top priority and compiles a business case for pursuing (or not pursuing) the idea. The...

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Today’s business world is driven by constant change. Organizations that embrace change as a constant often achieve greater success. The majority of changes to any business will require changes to its technology. Organizations often succeed or fail based on choosing the right technologies to help them embrace change, then using them in the right way....

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Many businesses struggle to adapt quickly enough to new technologies to stay competitive. In most cases, these failures can be attributed to a lack of foresight and planning. We addressed this issue in a blog post, stating that a revolutionary and ever changing sector such as technology, demands revolutionary processes to cope. Benefits such as reduced business...

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Plymouth University is the 15th largest University in the UK with over 27,000 students and almost 3,000 employees. It was recently ranked 37th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015 of institutions under 50 years old. A new Corso customer, Plymouth recently selected Corso’s Agile Enterprise Architecture solution to support a collaborative approach to...

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Think back to the most recent enterprise architecture articles, blog posts or even job descriptions you’ve read, and count any that did not mention “innovation” at least once? I’m guessing that more often than not, “innovation” was tauted as a catalyst, outcome or bi-product of effective enterprise architecture in one way or another. Now we...

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Enterprise Architecture Guiding Principles are high-level definitions of the fundamental values to guide Business Information and Technology (IT) decision-making activities. They provide a foundation for both business and IT architectures, standards and development policies. Each EA Principle should focus on business goals and key architecture applications. They are intended to be enduring and not subject...

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As organizations embark on transformation journeys and seek closer alignment of IT capabilities and business goals, most will need to become more agile in the face of a fast-changing environment. Enterprise Architecture must step up to deliver innovation through new solutions that bridge the gap from where the organization is today and where it must...

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When people think about IT Innovation, many would think of a finished product; a new piece of technology or a new system. But as we know, this completely misses the mark. Innovation for an IT executive is ultimately about the processes, transformation, and achieving new business outcomes. Innovation is increasingly on the CIOs agenda as...

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Over the last 5-10 years Enterprise Architecture has gained momentum in the Higher Education (or Further Education) sector, with many University and College institutions establishing an EA practice to help get on top of constantly changing and complex IT strategy and business strategy requirements. Universities are in an especially unique situation of being both a...

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