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erwin Expert Blog

Over the last 5-10 years enterprise architecture (EA) has gained momentum in the Higher Education (or Further Education) sector, with many University and College institutions establishing an EA practice to help get on top of constantly changing and complex IT strategy and business strategy requirements. Universities are in an especially unique situation of being both...

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In the third post of our blog mini-series we looked at the Effective Management of your Portfolio, and learned where you need to consider the cost effectiveness of applications and the risk acceptability. This fourth and final phase of the process is to Optimize your Portfolio, and it’s here that must you begin to examine the...

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In our last post we looked at Analyzing Your Application Portfolio, pinpointing the moment at which your business problems and issues need to be identified. Now it’s time we focus on the actual Management of your Portfolio phase. This is where you’ll need to consider the cost effectiveness of applications and the risk acceptability. You should...

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Last week, we talked about starting the journey with Application Portfolio Management: Building and Maintaining Your Inventory. We outlined a 9 step process for you to start engaging stakeholders more effectively and to introduce new ideas into your wider enterprise blueprint. In this blog post we look at what is required to effectively analyze the application...

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Application Portfolio maintenance and operations can consume between 70% to 90% of an organization’s IT funds, meaning Business and IT Executives are increasingly having to “do more with less” when delivering innovative new business and IT initiatives. Application Portfolio Management helps save time and costs that can be utilized for other more strategic and valuable programs....

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In a corporate sense, innovation management is about quickly and effectively implementing your organization goals through the adoption of innovative ideas, products, processes and business models. Most organizations are beginning to realize that to drive business growth and maintain a competitive advantage, innovation needs to be discovered and implemented quickly and with care to ensure...

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