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For enterprise architecture, success is often contingent on having clearly defined business goals. This is especially true in modern enterprise architecture, where value-adding initiatives are favoured over strictly “foundational,” “keeping the lights on,” type duties. But what does enterprise architecture success look like? Enterprise architecture is central to managing change and addressing key issues facing...

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What Is Data Literacy?

by Mariann McDonagh

Today, data literacy is more important than ever. Data is now being used to support business decisions few executives thought they’d be making even six months ago. With your employees connected and armed with data that paints a clear picture of the business, your organization is better prepared to turn its attention to whatever your...

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ArchiMate is an enterprise architecture (EA) modeling language from The Open Group that is used to communicate an organization’s enterprise architecture. In this post: What is ArchiMate? Top 6 ArchiMate Benefits ArchiMate in Practice How it Works Getting ArchiMate Certified What is ArchiMate? Pronounced “AR-ki-mayt”, the modeling language’s name comes from a compounding of “architecture”...

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Fostering organizational support for a data-driven culture might require a change in the organization’s culture. But how? Recently, I co-hosted a webinar with our client E.ON, a global energy company that reinvented how it conducts business from branding to customer engagement – with data as the conduit. There’s no doubt E.ON, based in Essen, Germany,...

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The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a type of enterprise architecture (EA) framework.

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Enterprise architecture plays a key role in the modern enterprise, so the average enterprise architect salary reflects the demand. In this post: Average Salary for an Enterprise Architect What Does an Enterprise Architect Do? Enterprise Architect Salary Expectations What’s Influencing Enterprise Architecture Salaries? The Tools Enterprise Architects Need to Thrive Average Enterprise Architect Salary LinkedIn...

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With the help of business process modeling (BPM) organizations can visualize processes and all the associated information identifying the areas ripe for innovation, improvement or reorganization. In the blink of an eye, COVID-19 has disrupted all industries and quickly accelerated their plans for digital transformation. As part of their transformations, businesses are moving quickly from...

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Users discuss how they are putting erwin’s data modeling, enterprise architecture, business process modeling, and data intelligences solutions to work IT Central Station members using erwin solutions are realizing the benefits of enterprise modeling and data intelligence. This article highlights some specific use cases and the results they’re experiencing within the organizations. Enterprise Architecture &...

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Do I Need a Data Catalog?

by Michael Adjei

If you’re serious about a data-driven strategy, you’re going to need a data catalog. Organizations need a data catalog because it enables them to create a seamless way for employees to access and consume data and business assets in an organized manner. Given the value this sort of data-driven insight can provide, the reason organizations...

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The most straightforward way to convey the difference between technical architecture and enterprise architecture (EA) is by looking at the scope and focus of each. As the name suggests, technical architects are more concerned with the technicalities and the specifics of a particular technology than with technology’s place in the enterprise. That’s not to say...

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