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erwin Expert Blog

COVID-19 has presented businesses with a new and immediate set of challenges that reinforce the need for data intelligence to inform disaster planning and business continuity. The coronavirus epidemic and its impacts are sharp and severe. And while its duration is uncertain, it is likely to permanently change the way businesses and societies function. So...

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When it became abundantly clear that our world was changing as a result of COVID-19, we knew we had to be part of the solution. Over the past several weeks, we have taken a hard look at what our customers need during this time to not only survive this crisis … but to thrive. As...

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Many organizations start an enterprise architecture practice without a specialized enterprise architecture tool. Instead, they rely on a blend of spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, PowerPoint files and the like. Under normal circumstances, this approach is difficult. In times of rapid change or crisis, it isn’t viable. Four Compelling Reasons for An Enterprise Architecture Tool Enterprise architecture...

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Data intelligence has a critical role to play in the supercomputing battle against Covid-19. Last week, The White House announced the launch of the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, a public-private partnership to provide COVID-19 researchers worldwide with access to the world’s most powerful high performance computing resources that can significantly advance the pace of scientific discovery...

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Organizations are flooded with data, so they’re scrambling to find ways to derive meaningful insights from it – and then act on them to improve the bottom line. In today’s data-driven business, enabling employees to access and understand the data that’s relevant to their roles allows them to use data and put those insights into...

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In these challenging times, many of our customers are focused on disaster recovery and business contingency planning. Disaster recovery is not just an event but an entire process defined as identifying, preventing and restoring a loss of technology involving a high-availability, high-value asset in which services and data are in serious jeopardy. Technical teams charged...

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In enterprise architecture, there are a number of different types of enterprise architecture frameworks, tailored to meet specific business and/or industry needs. What is an Enterprise Architecture Framework? An enterprise architecture framework is a standardized methodology that organizations use to create, describe and change their enterprise architectures. Enterprise architecture (EA) itself describes the blueprint and...

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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, organizations across the globe are changing how they operate. Teams need to urgently respond to everything from massive changes in workforce access and management to what-if planning for a variety of grim scenarios, in addition to building and documenting new applications and providing fast, accurate access to data for smart...

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Almost 70 percent of CEOs say they expect their companies to change their business models in the next three years, and 62 percent report they have management initiatives or transformation programs underway to make their businesses more digital, according to Gartner. Wouldn’t it be advantageous for these organizations to accelerate these digital transformation efforts? They...

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Forrester recently released its “Now Tech: Enterprise Architecture Management Suites for Q1 2020” to give organizations an enterprise architecture (EA) playbook. It also highlights select enterprise architecture management suite (EAMS) vendors based on size and functionality, including erwin. The report notes six primary EA competencies in which we excel in the large vendor category: modeling,...

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