Data Summit with Sandhill

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May 15, 2017 - May 17, 2017

Data Summit 2017

 May 15 – 17, 2017

The erwin team and our friends at Sandhill Consultants are excited to be at Data Summit 2017 in New York, New York, from May 15-17!

The Data Summit conference is a unique event that brings together IT practitioners and business stakeholders alike at its fourth annual conference. Top corporations, government agencies, and public institutions gather together to learn about the leading technologies and strategies for succeeding in this increasingly data-driven world. Attendees get a comprehensive educational experience designed to guide them through all of today’s key issues in data management and analysis.

Sandhill Consultants will be hosting two of the sessions:

D102. Managing Data Vulnerabilities

Tuesday, May 16: 12:00 p.m. – 12:45 p.m.

Managing data vulnerabilities both internally and externally to prevent data breaches from happening is a key concern in the enterprise today.

Data Breaches: Protecting Your Enterprise’s Reputation
Exposure of private and sensitive data is making headlines. Affected organizations suffer severe costs and damage to their reputations. This presentation reviews ways to facilitate forensic analysis when data has been compromised and methods for prevention to ensure that vulnerability and loss do not happen (or happen again). Learn how to identify the “who, when, and where” of your private and sensitive data. It’s not just about ensuring data security; it’s about trust and traceability and the appropriate level of data governance. All data assets do not need to be managed to the same degree. Learn how you can focus on your critical data elements.

Speaker: Donald Soulsby, VP, Architecture Strategies, Sandhill Consultants

A203. Overcoming the Big Data Quality Challenge

Wednesday, May 17: 2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

As organizations face greater pressure to compete on analytics, the need for data quality becomes paramount. In order to realize the promise of Big Data for improved decision making, data stores must be trustworthy.

Data Quality in the Age of Big Data
As an enterprise moves from historical business intelligence reporting to predictive analysis founded on Big Data, data quality becomes increasingly important for successful outcomes. By observation, using conventional BI tools, the consumer of the information can drill down through the report to the detail when the aggregate number does not “feel” right, but this will not be possible with Big Data due to the sheer volume and complexity of the data. This presentation looks at the elements of data quality required to make effective use of algorithm-based data analysis and predictive analytics. Using the Data Management Maturity Model from the CMMI Institute, the presentation reviews the capabilities of an effectual data quality program and considers the competencies required to support data analysis and predictive analytics with Big Data.

Speaker: Donald Soulsby, VP, Architecture Strategies, Sandhill Consultants