Data Architecture, The Foundation for Enterprise Architecture

August 29, 2017
2:00 PM EDT

Join Sandhill Consultants and erwin, Inc. in our upcoming webcast, “Data Architecture, The Foundation of Enterprise Architecture.” We believe that your data is key in taking a measured approach to change, rather than a simple, imprudent reaction to an internal or external stimulus. But you have to look at it in context of the processes, organizations, locations and applications that will be affected by any change. Therefore, data architecture and enterprise architecture are linked in responding to change, while limiting unintended consequences.

This webcast will introduce a data-centric approach to enterprise architecture, with Sandhill and erwin presenting on how to:

  • Model data for the enterprise across business and technical domains with erwin Data Modeler
  • Understand data architecture in context of application, network and security architectures with erwin Enterprise Architecture
  • Visualize the potential impact of change with erwin Enterprise Architecture
  • Assess your competency level of your capabilities for improvement with Sandhill CMMI / DMM Assessment