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Past Event

Empowering the Citizen Data Analyst

November 13, 2019
11:00 AM EDT

As with any complex mission, the key to achieving your objectives is sound, actionable intelligence.

In the case of empowering the citizen data analyst – which we all are these days – shared enterprise data assets must be available to a broad set of data consumers in a governed way.

Armed with the right insights, customers stay happy, new products get invented, more revenue is generated, regulatory compliance is achieve and maintained, etc.

In other words, you have data intelligence on which to base operational and strategic decisions.

Join erwin’s Danny Sandwell to explore the seven key elements of traditional intelligence and how they should be applied to data management and governance:

  • Reconnaissance – Metadata assessment and discovery
  • Surveillance – Monitoring changes to data sources
  • Logistics and Planning – Mappings of data pipelines and lineage
  • Impact Assessment – How changes impact the environment
  • Synthesis – Holistic perspective with specific business terms
  • Sustainability – Up-to-date and correct data intelligence
  • Auditability – Oversight and governance

At the end of the session, we’ll also show you a short demo of erwin’s Data Intelligence Suite that combines data cataloging and data literacy capabilities.

About your speaker:

Danny SandwellDirector of Product Marketing

Danny Sandwell is an IT industry veteran with 30 years of experience. As Director of Product Marketing for erwin, Inc., he is responsible for the development and delivery of the company’s data modeling solutions to meet evolving customer needs. During Danny’s 16 years with the company, he also has worked in pre-sales consulting, business development, and business strategy roles – all giving him deep insight into a broad range of issues facing organizations as they plan, develop, and manage their data architectures. His goal is to help enterprises unlock the value of their data assets to produce results against strategic business objectives.