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Evolving Your Data Governance Process | Dallas, TX

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September 13, 2018
8:00 AM EDT

Join us for this unique event to learn how data governance fits within your organization’s overall data management capability and how it can adapt to support changes in strategic business objectives.

One size does not fit all; data governance is not one-dimensional. It has to evolve, changing shape to support your organization’s industry, regulatory environment, culture, size and the maturity of its data management capability.

Learn how an organization’s data governance initiative will succeed when supported by a cost-effective technology platform that is flexible, integrated and collaborative.

  • Dr. Peter Aiken from Data Blueprint will speak about how to develop an adaptive data strategy that is concise, understandable and actionable by business and IT.
  • erwin, Inc. will discuss integrated, collaborative data governance that brings together both IT and the business to produce accurate, actionable data-driven insights.
  • Sandhill will present their revolutionary approach to data governance based on the Data Management Maturity Model (DMM℠) from the CMMI Institute, a framework enabling an organization to design initiatives with oversight and collaboration, with the flexibility to respond to changing regulations, industry challenges/opportunities and technologies.
  • Couchbase will share a case study about architecting a 360-degree customer view to improve the customer journey and ultimately satisfaction and trust, including how to use NoSQL database technology.

We’ll spend the afternoon exploring real-world enterprise data management solutions from Sandhill, erwin and Couchbase.