GDPR Enterprise Architecture Impact Webinar- Part 1

August 15, 2017
2:00 PM EDT

erwin Partner Sandhill Consultants is delivering a 3-part webinar on GDPR.

In part 1 of this 3-part webinar series, they will outline the basic concepts of the GDPR with respect to Personal and Sensitive Personal Data and the requirements for data interoperability.

Learn how organizations can reduce the risk of noncompliance by assisting with the automation of the classification and processing of Personally Identifiable and Sensitive Information. It is not just about ensuring data security, it is about the detection and mitigation of potential violations of the regulations. Ultimately it is traceability, and the appropriate level of data governance that will support compliance with the GDPR.

During the 3-part series they will demonstrate a concurrent engineering approach to both data and process modeling that allows for top down and bottom up views. Using the erwin data platform, we will illustrate traceability between the data (what) and application (how) architectures. To complete the enterprise architecture picture, we will also show the association of these systems to the security (who) and network (where) operating models. Notification of data breaches to the relevant authority, and in some cases to the individuals affected will become as important as understanding the scope of the issues.

Part 1 – Identification & Valuation – Critical Data Classification (Data Architecture)

  • Know what Data is covered by the GDPR
  • Identifying Personal Data: Unique identifiers
  • Creating the Linkage between data classification and stored data – Semantic Data Lineage

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Original Air Date – 8/15/17. Register to view the recording.