Getting to Know erwin – The erwin Vision: Building the Data-Driven Enterprise

July 13, 2017
11:00 AM EST

erwin, Inc. welcomes our former Casewise Customers to our webinar events. In our summer webcast series, Getting to Know erwin, we’ll explore the strategic role data plays in enterprise initiatives – from improving operational performance to enhancing customer satisfaction and every C-level objective in between. You’ll also hear about the connections between data modeling, enterprise architecture, business process modeling and data governance as we discuss our product roadmaps.

CEO Adam Famularo kicks off Getting to Know erwin by sharing a bit about the company’s history, but he’ll primarily focus on what’s driving the future of data management. Naturally, we’ve got some thoughts on how organizations can better access, view and then use their data as a strategic asset and transformational tool. By taking a data-driven approach, enterprises can achieve greater innovation, productivity, compliance and growth.

Get to know erwin! Let us help you become a data-driven enterprise.

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