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Past Event

How to Optimize Enterprise Performance with Business Process Modeling

September 25, 2019
4:00 PM EDT

This webinar will focus on what makes business process modeling a key element to an organization’s success.

Success starts with process. Therefore, every organization must have a complete understanding of its processes. Equally important, employees must fully comprehend and be accountable for appropriately carrying out the processes for which they are responsible.

Business process modeling enables organizations to visualize processes and all the associated information, which in turn shines a light on areas of the business ripe for innovation, improvement or reorganization. Understand how your company works today, so you can make better decisions tomorrow based on accurate, actionable insights to ensure compliance, innovation and transformation.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Why business process modeling matters to the modern enterprise
  • How to extend the benefits of business process modeling
  • How to use tools to accelerate and consolidate business process modeling initiatives

Original Air Date – 9/25/19. Click the Register button to view the recording.

About your speaker:

Dr Marios ForsosProfessional Services and Presales Manager

Dr Marios Forsos is a highly experienced and successful Professional Services and Presales Manager, managing multi-disciplinary projects and project teams in delivering highly complex projects in Business Process Management, Transformation, Enterprise Architecture and Data & Compliance Governance.

Marios combines both the subject matter knowledge and experience with a goal-oriented approach in scoping, designing, implementing and bringing to successful conclusion highly complex projects in a variety of organisations from such diverse industries as banking and finance, insurance, energy, transportation, healthcare and telecommunications.

In his role, Marios has delivered more than 50 major national and international projects, from total business transformation, business process management, analysis & automation, project office improvement, business analysis and IT implementation projects across a variety of environments always with successful and profitable conclusions.