Real-World Solutions Webcast Series | Data Governance & Compliance Transformation

Tuesday 21st NovemberĀ at 2.30pm GMT

Delivering a Complete Data Governance Experience

Data is proliferating exponentially. By 2020, 37 million new things will be connected to the internet, with escalating personal data use, self driving cars, more intelligent planes and robo factories all contributing to an immense tidal wave of data.

Most organizations view this explosion of data through a regulatory and compliance lens. How can we address emerging regulations, like GDPR, that could cost our business up to 4% of annual revenues in fines for poor data handling?

But the real top- and bottom line impacts come from building a data-driven enterprise that leverages data as a mission-critical tool for creating business value. According to recent research from EY, just 23% of organizations have implemented an organization-wide data strategy that enables them to use their data for a comprehensive view of market conditions, customer needs and preferences, and aligning products and services with these data-driven insights.

In this lively panel-style session, data management experts, Jamie Knowles from erwin and Don Soulsby from Sandhill Consultants, will examine:

  • Real-world examples of companies that have deployed data governance and learnings from their journey
  • How to engage line-of-business executives in the data governance process
  • Building a data governance framework that breaks down data silos, catalyzes sharing of data and best practices about products, services and customers across business units