Cloud Technician

Job Overview

Information Security is one of the most important risks facing business teams. Many organizations are now reliant upon technology to drive business strategy and growth. erwin products help organizations to manage their IT, data and strategy. The solutions we provide are offered in a variety of packages, including, SaaS and BYOL options for our Data Modeling, Governance and Enterprise Architecture domains. As we position ourselves to host this valuable information, we need to ensure we can provide a sustainable platform, that protects their assets and minimises business disruption as we continue to exploit new technology and the Internet of things (IoT).

Highly motivated and a good communicator, you will need to convey technical content in business language, with senior management. You’ll also need to be a team player who is not only looking to enhance their own career, but recognises the value in developing others and strengthening the team.

You will contribute to security assessments (RFI’s) and help deliver our PaaS and SaaS offerings, including configuration and security deliverables.  You will not be expected to have significant experience of business development and sales but will be expected to support the Management and Sales community to win new business for the team.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Working on a range of security engagements with our clients, reporting to a Senior Manager, responsible for the day to day running of the engagements
  • Contributing to the development and improvement of security across all PaaS and SaaS offerings, working in conjunction with the DevOps team
  • Maintaining and administering PaaS environment configurations and applications that run on them, as part of a cloud team. Using monitoring alerts and taking appropriate actions, to provide agreed service levels and continued service improvement.
  • Establishing client relationships with senior stakeholders and providing a level of comfort with communication of security and cloud deliverables, on an evolving technical roadmap
  • Working within the PM team to help projects with prospective clients to be agreed, scoped and planned and ensure outcomes can be achieved.
  • Contributing to the creation of contractual, marketing and customer facing material, to support PaaS, SaaS and security offerings.

Skills & Competencies

Experience in information security and the use of AWS or MS Azure will be beneficial. A broad background in PaaS, SaaS, application maintenance and any of the below would be advantageous

  • Security around emerging technology platforms – mobile device platforms, cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), Big Data and Social media
  • Experience working with SSO authentication, creating and updating AD/ADFS configurations
  • Experience in working within agile development environments to embed security successfully into systems prior to product / production release
  • Data privacy, implementation of data protection / GDPR programmes to address confidentiality and security over customer, employee or patient data
  • Resilience, design and implementation of programmes to improve IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Remediation programmes to address risks across Anti virus, patching, secure build, vulnerability scanning & remediation, logging and monitoring and threat management

erwin is a fast-paced modern development focused-company. We want to excite our customers by listening to them and putting their feedback in our releases ASAP. We practice Agile development and a common-sense approach to get things done in an efficient manner. You will really love the people/office and the working environment.

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