Milestone Technologies

Company Overview

MileTech offer leading technologies through strong brands in flexible partnerships to assignments
within the Information Management arena, we have built a team of Senior Business Consultants
throughout Africa with our headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our primary focus is optimizing
the Analysis and Design phase within the Development Lifecycle for Bespoke or Packaged systems, like
SAP or PeopleSoft.

We are an erwin Advanced Partner and have specialised in the erwin suite of products since 2002.
Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s fast moving eBusiness market requires faster, better
decisions based on accurate data.

Companies must manage and maintain their data while facing increasingly complex challenges such as
mergers and acquisitions, lack of qualified people, and constantly changing technology. In order to
build high performance eBusiness applications, data marts, and data warehouses, organisations need to
build a solid database foundation.

At MileTech, we understand the complex and complicated needs of business. We are committed to
offering simple, meaningful solutions in an uncomplicated way. We work hard to achieve the highest
quality in our solutions to help our customers meet their changing business needs.

Value Proposition

Our Data Architects and Analysts provide solutions with “best of breed” tools that provide
comprehensive solutions for application requirements gathering, analysis, design and development.

This facilitates the visualisation of business challenges and solutions as well as corresponding databases
and application solutions early in the development life cycle, which helps improve productivity and
quality. It provides a comprehensive, well-engineered and integrated modelling environments that
enables an organisation’s business and technical experts to rapidly collect, objectively analyze,
effectively communicate and successfully design solutions using sound methods based on established
standards and criteria. With these tools in hand, organisations can effectively manage complex and
time-critical solution development.

About the erwin Partner Program

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