Company Overview

QUINARIA, Headquartered in Santiago de Chile, we provide technological products and services, we are multi-brand representatives of hardware and software for corporate office and secure implementations of government data with ERwin products, training and advisory services; So we manage successful projects.

Partner Offerings

We are a leading supplier of multi-branded corporate hardware and software, we perform an in-depth analysis of your current infrastructure and your requirements against the best technology options by making the best cost-benefit proposal for your needs.

  • We provide support services with infrastructure management by contract to companies, guaranteeing the availability of equipment in their operation processes and minimizing down-time by major falls or disasters.
  • We are certified with 25 years of experience in data, process and infrastructure modeling solutions, positioning ourselves in the Latin market as the best Data Governance implementation specialist with the greatest benefits and the least impact for the business.
  • We offer the best solution options in the following categories: Sale of all types of Hardware, Collaboration, Cloud, Backups, Data Center, Data Governance, Systems Development Tools.

About the erwin Partner Program

erwin's Partner Program provides companies with specialized support to team up with erwin delivering industry-leading solutions to dominate the market place.
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