erwin CloudCore

Cloud-based hosting services for erwin data modeling and enterprise architecture solutions

We’re the host with the most, making it easy to visualize and analyze your complex data, applications, capabilities and technologies in a graphical format. erwin CloudCore is our cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) suite, providing data modelers and enterprise architects with superior speed and ease of use in an on-demand environment. Pay-as-you-go versions of erwin DM, erwin EA and erwin BP also are delivered via erwin CloudCore plus bring-your-own-license support for existing customers. By subscribing to multiple erwin CloudCore options on the same platform, you’ll have access to unrivaled journeys and use cases.

No Complex Hardware

Be up and running in hours, not weeks, and scale hardware up or down to suit your needs.

Optimum Software Installation

Software is installed by erwin, the experts in erwin software, and integrations are pre-configured for multiple tools.

Up-to-Date Releases

Software upgrades are available automatically, so there are no delays associated with internal or subcontracted IT services.

Learn why data is the driving force for business success in our digital age, including why enterprise and process architects should care.

Unmatched Combination of Data Modeling and Enterprise Architecture

Solutions on the erwin CloudCore platform seamlessly map your logical data models’ entities, attributes and relationships from erwin Data Modeler into your enterprise architecture so they can be used across your enterprise and data architecture modeling initiatives. This information gives you the power to manage and govern your complex enterprise data sources and assets while keeping business and IT aligned.

Model Complex Data, Application, Business and Technology Architectures

The erwin CloudCore platform gives you the ability to visualize and analyze your complex data, applications, capabilities and technologies in a graphical format. Combining data modeling and enterprise architecture on a single platform provides a user-friendly solution that supports wide data modeling in the context of enterprise architecture and deep data modeling, schema generation and reversing for understanding data sources. Such active data governance ensures stakeholders always use the most up-to-date data models and metadata.

Any Data, Stored Anywhere

Our Any2 approach - ‘Any Data, Stored Anywhere’ - means erwin CloudCore normalizes platform inconsistencies and delivers a single source of the truth for your enterprise business data. With erwin CloudCore, your data professionals can reverse databases into ERDs and collaborate with their architecture peers to understand the true impact of change across the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cloud-based hosting services does erwin CloudCore provide?

erwin CloudCore provides PaaS for:

erwin CloudCore for erwin DM
Enables instant and quick management of data models, including reverse data engineering and forward-engineering for many database types

erwin CloudCore for erwin DM Workgroup Edition
Provides data modeling with model mart capabilities, enabling users to check in and out models from a central repository with version control

erwin CloudCore for erwin EA
Manages enterprise architecture, providing business and IT views of the organization for data capture by different stakeholders so they can contribute to model content

erwin CloudCore for erwin BP
A collaborative business process environment enabling business stakeholders to collaborate across departments and teams to improve business processes

erwin CloudCore Combinations
Subscription option for multiple CloudCore environments on the same platform for unrivaled journeys and use cases

What benefits do I get from combining enterprise architecture with data modeling through erwin CloudCore?

By combining enterprise architecture with data modeling, you can visualize and document data structures and integrate them into your enterprise architecture. The result is better collaboration across your enterprise with a deeper view of your architecture to realize greater efficiencies and cost savings. Most enterprise architecture tools have limited awareness of enterprise data architecture.

What differentiates erwin CloudCore from other enterprise architecture offerings?

erwin CloudCore is the only platform that combines enterprise architecture with deep data modeling for digital transformation. Combining erwin DM with erwin EA provides an agile approach to enterprise architecture so organizations can focus on high-impact architectural analysis and transformations without spending unnecessary time and effort building low-value architectural elements.

Why would I consider a PaaS for my enterprise architecture?

By using a PaaS offering versus a traditional on-premise tool, you lower your management costs. Our resources are dedicated to running our solution on the platform, so you don’t have to wait on your internal IT staff or outside resources. You can focus on using the tools to drive the value you need from them. And erwin automatically upgrades the software to the latest releases, ensuring your data is upgraded also.

Do you offer a SaaS-based tool for enterprise architecture?

We offer erwin EA Agile as a SaaS tool, so your upfront investment will be lower, your expenses will shift from capital expenditures to operating expenses, and you’ll spend less time installing, configuring and maintaining the software.

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