erwin Enterprise Architecture

On-premise, customizable enterprise architecture software powered by Casewise

It’s not a crystal ball, but erwin Enterprise Architecture (EA) powered by Casewise shows you where innovation is lagging or how it can be used to drive competitive advantage. Plus you can take the guesswork out of business and IT transformation and tame the complexity of major initiatives like application rationalization, cloud migration and implementing Big Data. erwin EA aligns IT and the business, mapping a company’s applications and the associated technologies and data to the business functions they enable. A structured EA approach also supports data governance, providing insight into the relationship between data assets and applications, so data usage and flows can be directed for greater focus on applications that deliver the greatest value.

Define and Assess Business Capabilities

Map out your enterprise capabilities and assess their maturity, effectiveness and quality, plus identify improvements and plan subsequent IT investments.

Architect for Innovation
and Transformation

Ensure you tie innovation and digital transformation to business strategy for the best ROI.

Integration & Collaboration Across the Enterprise

Break down silos between enterprise architects and the business by harmonizing enterprise architecture, business process and data management and governance.

Centralized Architecture Modeling

With erwin EA, enterprise architects have everything they need in one place to plan, manage and respond to business and IT change while driving digital business transformation. Everything in erwin EA is presented to the user community through a web experience and ties together via a central shared repository. An integrated set of views and information on strategy, business capabilities, applications, information assets, technologies, etc., give information consumers a thorough understanding of the enterprise.

Collaborative Web Experience

One of the primary goals of enterprise architecture is to give stakeholders critical insights into aspects of the business they otherwise wouldn’t have in time to make key decisions. To accomplish this, EA platforms need to seamlessly bring together subject-matter experts and information consumers to share knowledge and collaborate. erwin EA enables this with a user-friendly web experience that provides self-discovery navigation and analysis of enterprise assets. Cross-functional collaboration is encouraged through discussion threads, surveys and other social features.

Configurable Industry Frameworks

Numerous industry-standard and industry-defined frameworks have shaped the implementation of enterprise architecture, such as ArchiMate, TOGAF, Zachman International, DoDAF and FEA. In addition to supporting these frameworks, erwin believes EA should serve other stakeholders – the non-architects. That’s why erwin EA is highly customizable to meet the specific information needs of stakeholders across an enterprise. Easily and fully configurable, erwin EA also is “right-sized” to efficiently and effectively build the enterprise architecture information portal that delivers the greatest value.

Application Portfolio Management

erwin EA is designed to easily manage the enterprise application portfolio, providing insights into the usefulness, functionality and structural composition of applications. Capture and manage such information as user satisfaction, total cost of ownership, business criticality and risk/compliance (e.g., GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley and the processing of sensitive data). Use erwin EA to identify functional redundancy and plan consolidation and modernization projects.