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erwin Business Process

Business process modeling and analysis software powered by Casewise

The key to getting what you want is being able to visualize it – potential and profits anyone? erwin BP powered by Casewise shows you process flows, system interactions and organizational hierarchies to help you understand what your organization does and how it does it. This information shines a light on areas ripe for innovation, improvement or reorganization so you can be agile and responsive to changes in markets and consumer demands. And because of the accelerating pace of business, enterprises have to respond to and manage change more quickly and effectively, according to Gartner, especially in terms of digital business and the process reinvention that is key to those efforts. With erwin BP, you can model, document, manage and communicate your business processes for optimal performance, including clarifying employee roles and responsibilities, increasing productivity, reducing errors and identifying business practices susceptible to security, compliance or other risks and adding controls to mitigate exposures.

Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

Document and share regulatory processes, plus streamline controls and audits, to demonstrate compliance and understand how changes could impact compliance efforts.

Retain Institutional Knowledge

Key process knowledge resides with individuals who will someday leave, so capture this information and publish it for key functional areas.

Improve Processes

Identify where and how information is used throughout the enterprise and use these views to determine gaps, inefficiencies and redundancies for process improvements.

Central Repository

Everything in erwin BP is presented to the user community through a web experience tied together via a central, shared repository for easy access, analysis and management. Develop and capture multiple artifacts in one place to visualize processes and the associated data for a clear picture of workflows, inputs and outputs.

Configurable & Collaborative Platform

The frameworks, notations, views and user interfaces can be customized to suit all stakeholder needs, including adding information to the metamodel to refine out-of-the-box properties. In addition to the user-friendly web experience for self-discovery navigation and analysis, cross-functional collaboration is facilitated through discussion threads, surveys and other social features.

Role-Based Views

Develop integrated business models for a single source of truth but deliver them to stakeholders within the context of their roles to enhance cross-functional and enterprise collaboration. This leads to faster, more informed decision-making especially when where impact analysis may be involved.

Digitized Standard Operating Procedures

Convert your hard-copy process documents and SOPs to digital, web-based files. This is an efficient, effective and cost-effective means of increasing employee education and awareness of corporate policies and procedures so they know where to find the information and apply it to their roles.