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erwin Data Literacy

Glossary management and data discovery tools for IT and business users

Data collection and storage continues to proliferate at a dramatic clip, yet organizations analyze and use less than 0.5 percent of the information they take in – that’s a huge loss of potential. In this age of data-driven business, companies have to know what data they have and understand what it means in common, standardized terms so they can act on to the benefit of the organization. erwin Data Literacy (DL) gives data stakeholders the ability to view data that is relevant to their roles and understand it within a business context. Then they can produce accurate, actionable insights and collaborate across the enterprise to enact them for the desired outcomes – from regulatory compliance to revenue growth. Comprised of the erwin Business Glossary Manager and the erwin Business User Portal, the erwin DL software suite ensures your company is fluent in the business language of data.

Enable Data Visibility & Self-Service

Access and interact with data at the speed of thought without assistance from technical experts.

Put Data in Business Context

The user experience is tailored to individual roles, both within IT and the business, providing the context to define and streamline workflows.

Capture Tribal Knowledge for Data Enrichment

Enable data consumers and other stakeholders to share best practices and build communities by tagging/commenting on data assets, enriching the metadata with business context.

Business Glossary

Easily create and configure a business-centric data asset framework for alignment and robust governance. Build glossaries of terms in taxonomies with synonyms, acronyms and relationships to describe the organization’s data assets. Publish approved standards for these terms to the wider organization to improve clarity/precision of language. Also prioritize terms, flagging information regarding regulatory requirements.

Role-Based, Self-Service

The user experience is highly configurable, with roles created and changed to suit the needs and processes of your organization. Self-service access with flexible search mechanisms make it easy to find data assets and understand them in a business context for faster analysis and decision-making.

Intelligent Data Lineage, Impact Analysis and Mind Mapping

Understand, harvest and document the origin of data in BI reports and the data warehouse with lineage reports. See real-time impact diagrams linking core data elements to the business glossary and databases that store them, processes that use and transform them, and applications that access and manipulate them to better plan and manage change. Use mind maps to view data elements and their associations to physical, logical and data governance metadata.

Enterprise Collaboration & Empowerment

Break down IT and business silos to provide broad access to approved organizational information. Distributed organizations can collaborate more easily for improved information quality, compliance and change management with reduced risk and greater agility.

Data Catalog Integration

erwin DL integrates with the erwin Data Catalog for automated enterprise metadata management, data cataloging, code generation and data lineage. By combining our data literacy and data cataloging capabilities, you increase data intelligence to make all employees who work with data more efficient, effective and collaborative. Even small changes in these areas can improve productivity, analytics and business outcomes, according to IDC.