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erwin DM NoSQL

Data modeling for NoSQL databases

In a world driven by Big Data, the Internet of Things, social media and the cloud, NoSQL is essential to digital transformation. As the data modeling industry leader and inventor of erwin Data Modeler (DM), we developed erwin DM NoSQL to help you model and manage your unstructured data as effectively as traditional data sources. It’s the only enterprise-class data modeling solution that natively supports the Couchbase Data Platform and MongoDB. As an extension of erwin DM, it enables the visualization of “any data” from “anywhere” for greater use, understanding and trust across the enterprise. With SaaS-based erwin DM NoSQL, deploy new applications and migrate to the cloud quickly, while maintaining the integrity, quality and governance of your underlying data.

Work Effectively with
NoSQL Data Sources

Let traditional DBMS teams and developers design and deploy NoSQL data sources with guided editors and task automation.

Easily Discover and
Understand NoSQL Data

Break down and manage the complexities of NoSQL through modeling and visualization.

Ease Migration from Traditional
Databases to the Cloud

Accelerate the move to NoSQL database platforms with design transformation and code generation capabilities.

Native Design & Deployment for NoSQL Data Structures

erwin DM NoSQL takes the pain out of migrating traditional database models to NoSQL databases by creating a traditional relational schema and automatically converting it to a cloud-based collection structure, using our patent-pending Query-Optmized ModelingTM. Premise-to-cloud migration speeds are dramatically increased while providing standard and required enterprise data documentation.

Discovery & Visualization of NoSQL Databases

With erwin DM NoSQL, existing Couchbase and MongoDB databases can be reverse-engineered into graphical models, giving business and technical stakeholders a complete and contextual view of these NoSQL data assets. This enables better collaboration across the enterprise and ensures that new cloud-based applications and data are documented for re-use and governance.

On-Demand Modeling for NoSQL Environments

As a SaaS-based solution, erwin DM NoSQL provides modelers and reviewers with access anywhere, anytime and from any device. With no software to implement, users are up and running with NoSQL data modeling right away, ensuring fast time to productivity and value.

Transformation of Traditional Designs to NoSQL-Optimized Designs

erwin DM NoSQL uses Query-Optimized Modeling to guide users through the de-normalization required for an efficient NoSQL design. Organizations can move from a traditional, storage-optimized design to one optimized for the queries anticipated to be run against this modern NoSQL structure.

Code Generation for NoSQL Collection Creation

Once your physical design is created, erwin DM NoSQL automates the creation of JSON-like document definition scripts that can be used to instantiate your Couchbase and MongoDB databases, allowing for the efficient, accurate deployment of NoSQL designs into your hosted environment.