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erwin EA Agile

Full-featured enterprise architecture software in the cloud

The principles and applications are the same, but erwin EA Agile takes a different delivery approach to enterprise architecture. The cloud-based platform provides a fast and cost-effective path for launching a collaborative enterprise architecture program. Built-in support for such industry frameworks as ArchiMate® and TOGAF® enables you to model the enterprise, capture the IT blueprint, generate roadmaps and provide meaningful insights to both technical and business stakeholders. With erwin EA Agile, enterprise architects and other stakeholders have everything they need at their fingertips in a shared central repository to more quickly plan, analyze and manage complexity and change.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Implementation is fast and easy with no hardware or software to install and manage.

Agile, Standards-Based
EA Modeling

Built-in support for industry frameworks, including ArchiMate and TOGAF, ensure consistent modeling.


Intuitive user interfaces for both IT and business stakeholders showcase enterprise architecture assets to improve collaboration and decision-making, and they can be customized for different personas.

SaaS Delivery and Use

erwin EA Agile is hosted on the AWS platform with single- and multi-tenant options available for an annual subscription fee. SaaS delivery accelerates the implementation of a formal, standardized enterprise architecture approach while capital costs are minimized because there’s no software or hardware to maintain. What’s more, erwin is fully regulated for information security with its ISO27001 certification.

IT & Business Agility & Collaboration

Agile enterprise architecture is about building 'just enough' enterprise architecture quickly and efficiently and delivering it to stakeholders 'just in time' so they can make decisions. With erwin EA Agile, you can give stakeholders the right information in the right format at the right time for better, more informed decision-making.

Outcome-Oriented Modeling, Analysis & Design

Out-of-the-box support for the latest ArchiMate 3.0 standard combined with erwin EA Agile's intuitive, outcome-based views in roadmaps, pivot tables, capability models and Kanban boards enhances decision-making by linking enterprise strategy and goals to proposed implementations.

Business Process Modeling Integration

erwin EA Agile supports the creation of detailed process models using BPMN 2.0. Incorporating business process models improves the communication of enterprise architectural concepts to a broader user base to accelerate transformation initiatives across all domains.