Having an Enterprise Data Model is imperative because it provides an architectural blueprint to control the chaos. With erwin, we can create a process to support the other main pillars of successful data warehouse implementations - Data Governance, MDM, Metadata, Data Quality/Data Lineage, Data Integration and Data Consumption.
Mohit Kulkarni
MK Consultants
We at Toyota regard erwin as a premium tool for Relational Database Modeling. It is state of the art with the features offered to create and maintain Data Models. The repository is advanced as it has made it easy for us to set up a framework to manage Data Models for each subject area across our organization. It also has the ability to interact with metadata from other software products which aids in building and distributing components to other software tools.
Rick Sparno
Toyota Motor Sales USA
Enterprise Data Architect
Of the modeling tools I’ve been exposed to, erwin has always been my favorite. It is the most intuitive to grasp and users become proficient at a basic level very quickly. In addition to the quick learning curve, the erwin product has a multitude of features that can be utilized to strengthen the quality and usefulness of your ERDs. The beauty of these features is they can be utilized in an evolutionary fashion as a data modeling team becomes more proficient.
Mike Matthews
BI Enterprise Architect
I’ve been using erwin for almost 20 years at 4 different organizations in the Seattle area. Features that make it sticky for me include common domain dictionaries, logical and physical view customizations, reverse and forward engineering, robust database comparisons, and general usability.
John Cross
Accretive Technology Group
Lead Software Developer
erwin is a versatile data modeling tool that our organization recently started using more broadly in order to get a “big picture” of our Managed core data. Our modeling practice had been abandoned and many developers were generating physical models from expanding on that across the organization. As a result, data silos were created everywhere. We invested in a generic utility data model and erwin was our first choice to manage those models. What I like about erwin its ability to ingest models to and from many different data formats, from Hadoop to Postgres.
Angela White-Parker
Sempra Utilities
Information Management Architect
Our partnership at DATAVERSITY® with erwin, Inc for many years has been one of appreciated cooperation and mutual support. We have aligned our shared goals of advancing and developing educational content in the field of Data Management in many different ways: from helping with erwin’s ERworld Conference to DATAVERSITY’s Enterprise Data Governance Online Conference, producing many successful Data Modeling webinars, and a number of popular research papers, articles, and blogs. The networking opportunities, educational content, and discussions on what matters most to industry as a whole have been welcomed and rewarding to everyone involved. We look forward to continuing our partnership far into the future.
Shannon Kempe
Executive Editor
Corso customers have been asking for deeper data modeling capabilities integrated with our own Agile EA platform and the strategic combination with erwin immediately addresses this important requirement. We’re excited to join erwin, as our cultures are very aligned and both companies put customers at the heart of everything they do.
Martin Owen
former CEO of Corso and now VP Product Strategy
The longevity and endurance of the erwin brand is an exceptional story in itself. That erwin has been spun out to become an independent operation as part of erwin, Inc. is good news for data modeling and will doubtless accelerate the evolution of its industry-leading product into Big Data,"
Robin Bloor Ph.D.
The Bloor Group and Founder of Bloor Research
Chief Analyst & Cofounder of The Bloor Group and Founder of Bloor Research.
When erwin added the Meta-Integration bridges for model import and export, it gave us the ability to send models to and receive models from other software that we desperately needed to communicate with. As a result we gained a great deal of productivity in our work as well as a huge improvement in management's regard of the erwin product.
Steve McMahon
Modeling Global User Community (GUC)
President of the Bay Area Enterprise Modeling User Group / VP of the Modeling Global User Community (GUC)
Being able to pump data into the popular Crystal reporting tool is a big bonus, as is the ability to share data with third-party business intelligence tools from Oracle, Cognos and SAP. The product also lets users access, publish and share information in the common ODBC format used by many popular products.
Shubi Kamerkar
United Health Care
Sr. Enterprise Data Architect
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Understanding the relationship between the sprawling components that comprise our data warehouse is a daunting task. Our data sources may include relational and non-relational databases, flat files and spreadsheets, as well as syndicated data. This data needs to be transformed and processed before it is useful for analysis. Visualizing the relationships between these components is the most powerful method of driving our data management initiatives to completion.

With the growing complexity of our data architecture, we need powerful tools to model the interdependencies of our data structures. Join us for a webinar covering the topic of Design Layers in the erwin r8 software.