erwin has been great to work with. They are quick to respond to our needs and provide excellent customer service. On several occasions, erwin has kept us moving in the right direction with respect to our projects.
Sesario P. Alonzo
Oceaneering International, Inc
I like erwin's meta data feature for capturing the data source and transformation comments in a data warehouse project. It helps a lot in keeping the data lineage in a dynamic operational system.
Sampath Kumar
As a worldwide Data Modeling partner, we often look to deliver the best solution to our clients. In working with clients around the world, we all agree that erwin is and continues to be the leader in this space. From the moment you launch erwin you realize that the product has such a depth from a data modeling perspective. erwin’s ability to address larger and larger data models, the ability to manage conflict resolution between multiple developers and its ability to exchange metadata with any ETL , BI or Legacy Data Modeling tool make it unique in the market place. We are pleased to be associated with the erwin brand and believe that there is no other product that has the depth and breadth in the market place today.
Robert Lutton
Sandhill Consultants
VP of Sales and Marketing
Our biggest business benefit has been the documenting and publishing of metadata to our end users.
Nikitas Gogos
AmeriCredit Corp.
Data Architect
As a consultant who specializes in modeling standards and procedures, I am impressed with the ability of the erwin Modeling family of products to enable an ‘Enterprise’ modeling approach. Checking for redundant data via Global reports in Model Manager, gaining reusability via Derive and Model Sourcing functionality and maintaining critical standards and procedures via templates, domains, user-defined properties (UDPs), and Naming Standards files in conjunction with the use of libraries/permissions in Model Manager are only a few of the opportunities the tools give us to truly implement a ‘shareable’ modeling environment. It is more critical than ever to save time and money in our modeling efforts, and the architecture of the erwin Modeling family provides a myriad of ways to streamline our environments.
Marcie Barkin Goodwin
Axis Software Designs
I love that you can import from other databases and have the model built automatically. You don’t have to model from scratch with erwin. We use reverse engineering to obtain the model of the tables in order to understand what data will be fed from other systems or applications.
Kevin Terry
Web Information Manager
What I like about erwin: Working with complex data marts with numerous dimensional keys, I have found that erwin has helped to reduce the rate of design and deployment errors and increased the ease of validation. The Complete Compare is worth twice the price!
Kenneth Osmond
CIBC Mellon
Sr. Application Architect
I love the videos that are installed along with erwin. It's one thing to read a how-to, but a whole other experience to watch it being done.
Karen Lopez
Project Manager and Architect
It was a no-brainer to choose erwin. Things are running along like clockwork. We sold [our customers] on best practices, best technologies, and they saw the results. They won’t fool around with cutting corners again—they will choose the market-leading tool.
Joel Londenberg
VP of Program Management
We find the vendor support is really great and the online support is very user friendly and streamlines the process. … Online documentation is better than most modeling tools. It is easy to read and provides easily accessible information and step-by-step instructions.
Inna Kogan
Iron Mountain
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Understanding the relationship between the sprawling components that comprise our data warehouse is a daunting task. Our data sources may include relational and non-relational databases, flat files and spreadsheets, as well as syndicated data. This data needs to be transformed and processed before it is useful for analysis. Visualizing the relationships between these components is the most powerful method of driving our data management initiatives to completion.

With the growing complexity of our data architecture, we need powerful tools to model the interdependencies of our data structures. Join us for a webinar covering the topic of Design Layers in the erwin r8 software.