I just sat down about an hour ago to play around with erwin a little bit and I must say that it has been really easy. I didn't have to read any Help or tutorials--I knew what I had planned to do and I was right at it the moment I opened the software. I must say it is a really good tool for a data modeling. My evaluation is going great. I am happy with it as a first timer. Now I wouldn't have to panic if I am asked on an interview whether I am familiar with erwin. I would certainly recommend this to any employer of mine as the go-to tool for data modeling.
Michael Nkwantabisa
Oracle DBA
We’re now working with erwin and we’ve got Sandhill Consultants onsite helping us to do that… They’ve run a user day where I was able to see some of the features that the latest version of erwin was coming out with. They’ve helped me with getting consultants onsite in order to train my staff. Without Sandhill, we would still be at the very very early stages with erwin – we wouldn’t have been able to offer any of the benefits we’ve already offered to projects in the organization… I’m looking forward to continuing with erwin with Sandhill’s help. I hope to keep the relationship going forward for years to come
Julie Daltrey
United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office
Data Architect
We wanted the software, but we also the support that goes with it. Sandhill advised us on how we can best use erwin… I like the fact that they’re able to help me to leverage the investment in erwin. They tell me about the things I don’t know about erwin that make it more of a success here and I like the fact that they know where erwin’s going so they know the long-term future and I think they’re able to help me formulate a strategy on how we can build on that together. I’m looking forward to working with Sandhill and erwin to work out how we can best use these products going forward because I’m sure there’s lots more good stuff we can do over the next ten, fifteen years.
Dave Thomas
St. James's Place
Head of Data Architecture
What I like best about erwin is how it makes much of my job easier and allows me to customize how I do my work. Between the API and the Forward Engineering Templates, I can customize my output to what the other groups within my company are expecting and they don't have to change things to accommodate me.
Craig Boyd
Senior Data Modeler
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Understanding the relationship between the sprawling components that comprise our data warehouse is a daunting task. Our data sources may include relational and non-relational databases, flat files and spreadsheets, as well as syndicated data. This data needs to be transformed and processed before it is useful for analysis. Visualizing the relationships between these components is the most powerful method of driving our data management initiatives to completion.

With the growing complexity of our data architecture, we need powerful tools to model the interdependencies of our data structures. Join us for a webinar covering the topic of Design Layers in the erwin r8 software.