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Video Library

Customer Spotlight

E.ON Energy

E.ON plans to deliver “data governance as a service” for one-stop data access and lineage within its data lake. The goals are to standardize the organization’s vocabulary, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and understand and then optimize how data is used across global operations.


The company estimates a potential savings of 30 percent on external data management costs and a 50 percent reduction in time spent on data discovery, according to our February 2019 press release.


We visited E.ON’s German headquarters in June 2019 to get an update on the implementation.

Product Demo

Leveraging Data Modeling

This video shows you how erwin Data Modeler integrates with the erwin Data Intelligence Suite.

Customer Video

DM User Group Mtg

Long-time erwin Data Modeler user explains her take on the product’s evolution at the June 2019 user group meeting in NYC.

Product Demo

erwin DI Suite

Watch an overview of the erwin Data Intelligence Suite, which combines erwin Data Catalog with erwin Data Literacy.

Product Demo

erwin DI for Data Governance

Learn how the erwin Data Intelligence Suite supports data governance use cases.

Product Demo

erwin DI for Risk/Compliance

See how the erwin Data Intelligence Suite supports risk management and regulatory compliance.

Product Demo

erwin Business User Portal

This video shows how this read-only tool enables users outside IT to browse models, looking at the data catalog, business terms, data mappings, code sets and policies/rules.

Product Demo

Building a Data Catalog

See how to catalog physical data assets and look at the underlying metadata.

Product Demo

Mapping Manager

Understand, design and manage data movement, including procedural code, ETL and stored procedures.

Product Demo

Business Glossary

See how to create and manage catalogs of business terms, including reference data/code sets and classifying metadata.

Product Demo

Reference Data

This video explores reference data/code set management.

Customer Video

Fidelity International

The company uses erwin business process modeling solutions to better understand customer experiences and respond to their needs.