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erwin Consulting Services

Helping customers transform their organizations

We’re here to help you do the right things and do them right – the first time. The quality of your products, your competitive position, and your bottom line are determined by individual employees, the procedures they follow, and the tools they use. Regardless of industry or company size, our strategic consultants, business process specialists, enterprise architects and expert trainers will take an extensive look under your organization’s hood to understand and assess your operations and identify areas not just for improvement but for transformation. Let’s find out what makes your enterprise tick and get ready for what’s next with our services built on tested methodologies, industry best practices, and constant commitment to your success.

Business Transformation Expertise

Our experienced and dedicated consultants have an established track record of partnering with global brands to achieve meaningful and lasting transformation.

Outcome-Driven Approach

We assess each client’s needs to develop a tailored engagement to achieve the stated objectives aligned with business strategy, people, processes, technology and applications.

Powerful and Measurable Results

We enable executives, managers and front-line employees to see below the organization’s surface to make fact-based decisions that improve operations and produce verifiable results.

Strategic Consulting

Integrating acquisitions, moving locations, creating new product lines, making better decisions and increasing customer satisfaction. Major business transitions and goals like these require precise, up-front planning. Our strategic consultants bring a top-down approach to the initial stages of your biggest transformation projects, including mergers and acquisitions, data center consolidation and financial optimization.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Our enterprise architects and business process specialists conduct on- or off-premise workshops to kickstart your business transformation. erwin consultants work alongside your team to keep the project on track and fill in knowledge gaps. We support your success through strategic analysis, process modeling/re-engineering, information architecture, M&A transition, governance, risk management and solution architecture.

Business Process Consulting

Cumbersome processes, inefficient teams, lack of information and poor communication put your organization’s success at risk. We help COOs and the operations team collaborate to document and publish business processes to streamline procedures and build operational plans that support business transformation, employee education and awareness, regulatory compliance and knowledge retention.

Data Governance Consulting

Data governance is about understanding critical enterprise data within a business context, tracking its physical existence and lineage, and maximizing its security, quality and value. Our consultants will support you in implementing and/or enhancing your data governance initiative, including data discovery, business glossary development, data lineage, metadata management and impact analysis.

Risk & Compliance

Enterprises must understand their operational and IT risks and then institute sustainable and verifiable standards to comply with both corporate and government regulations. We help organizations define, implement and measure policies and controls to support internal auditing and ensure compliance across the broad and shifting regulatory landscape. With our framework, you can identify, evaluate, monitor and address risks to demonstrate compliance in an efficient manner to reduce internal costs and avoid penalties.

Automated Data Operations

Companies spend tremendous amounts of time and money to extract and transform data as part of digital transformation efforts. We can help you automate data operations using an automation framework and set of APIs and web services. Our code automation templates and other tools improve productivity with a “build once, publish and deploy” approach to automate coding, ETL integration, data profiling, QA/testing, SQL/DDL generation and more. Universal code generation provides reusability, flexibility and scalability to future-proof data operations.

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