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White Papers

Meeting the Data-Related Challenges of Cloud Migration

This white paper examines how to simplify and accelerate the move to cloud platforms and the governance of cloud data assets.
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The Value of Robust Data Intelligence to Enable Data Governance

IDC explores the value of data intelligence to help organizations synthesize information, improve their capacity to learn, and automate insights at scale.
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Achieving Success in Enterprise Architecture

This peer paper is based on real reviews of erwin Evolve submitted to IT Central Station, with users discussing the role of enterprise architecture in building an adaptive enterprise.
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Data Modeling Made Simple with erwin Data Modeler

Jeff Harris and Steve Hoberman explain data modeling and how to get up and running with erwin DM to build effective conceptual, logical and physical data models.
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Data Governance Preparedness

This white paper explores the importance of data literacy and intelligence and how the right data governance platform, including a modern data catalog, is essential to organizations in preparing for and recovering from a crisis.
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Enterprise Architecture & Innovation Management

This book, written by enterprise architecture (EA) experts Martin Owen and Alan Burnett, explores innovation management and the role of enterprise architecture for managing ideation through implementation.
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2020 State of Data Governance Report

A follow-up to our first study two years ago, the 2020 State of Governance and Automation report explores how data governance attitudes and practices have evolved and where companies stand in automating the processes critical to uncovering insights for optimal decision-making and therefore data intelligence.
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Metadata Management: The Hero in Unleashing Enterprise Data’s Value

Learn how to wring all the value possible from data about your data, including what to look for in tools to automate and accelerate the speed to meaningful insights for better decision-making.
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The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture: Enabling IT to “Speak Business” to Drive Innovation

Enterprise architecture can be more strategic and impactful when used to dynamically link data assets and business processes, applications and infrastructure for faster, more accurate decision-making. To do EA right, you need the right tools for communication and collaboration with the business.
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Ovum Market Radar: Enterprise Architecture

Analyst firm Ovum’s enterprise architecture report discusses how to “architect everything” and positions erwin as a “challenger” within this domain.
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