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White Papers

Enterprise Architecture & Innovation Management

This book, written by enterprise architecture (EA) experts Martin Owen and Alan Burnett, explores innovation management and the role of enterprise architecture for managing ideation through implementation.
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2020 State of Data Governance Report

A follow-up to our first study two years ago, the 2020 State of Governance and Automation report explores how data governance attitudes and practices have evolved and where companies stand in automating the processes critical to uncovering insights for optimal decision-making and therefore data intelligence.
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Metadata Management: The Hero in Unleashing Enterprise Data’s Value

Learn how to wring all the value possible from data about your data, including what to look for in tools to automate and accelerate the speed to meaningful insights for better decision-making.
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The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture: Enabling IT to “Speak Business” to Drive Innovation

Enterprise architecture can be more strategic and impactful when used to dynamically link data assets and business processes, applications and infrastructure for faster, more accurate decision-making. To do EA right, you need the right tools for communication and collaboration with the business.
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Ovum Market Radar: Enterprise Architecture

Analyst firm Ovum’s enterprise architecture report discusses how to “architect everything” and positions erwin as a “challenger” within this domain.
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Tech Brief: Data Lineage

This paper by David Loshin explores the benefits and common challenges of data lineage, plus using a data catalog approach to produce it with greater ease and effectiveness. 
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Data Modeling: Drive Business Value and Underpin Governance with an Enterprise Data Model

Designing and deploying new relational databases, application development, data integration, master data management, business intelligence/analytics and Big Data adoption, data governance and more. Data modeling is still hip, maybe more than ever as you’ll learn in this new white paper.
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Data Intelligence: Empowering the Citizen Analyst with Democratized Data

To be fully empowered, the citizen analyst must be able to survey the data landscape so critical information can be collected, collated and published for strategic decision-making. Such democratized data leads to data intelligence, insights that produce actions to keep customers happy, invent new products, generate more revenue, whatever the desired outcome is.
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Business Process Modeling: Tame Your Organization’s Complexity and Unleash Its Potential and Profits

You need a visual representation of what your business does and how it does it. With the help of business process modeling, your organization can visualize its processes and all the associated information, which in turn shines a light on areas of the business ripe for innovation, improvement or reorganization.
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IDC Data Intelligence Innovators Report 2019

Analyst firm IDC names erwin an IDC Innovator in this new report on companies that are disrupting the data integration and integrity software market.
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