Global Humanitarian Organization Success Story

Published on: December 2018

One of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations with millions of members and volunteers operating in more than 188 countries. It helps tens of millions of people around the world each year and cares for local communities in Australia and Asia Pacific.


The organization was dealing with confusion and complexity in data mapping across several releases, impacting source system changes. And its business definitions and data dictionaries across IT systems were not stored in a central repository.

The customer needed a solution to standardize the pre-ETL data mapping process to enable savings and to make the data integration process more efficient.


The customer used erwin Mapping Manager to standardize the pre-ETL data mapping process. The purpose-built solution manages data integration mapping through the change and release process.


By implementing erwin Mapping Manager, the customer achieved significant time savings and was able to scan and store metadata and data dictionaries in a central repository.

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