Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps in erwin EA Agile

Enterprise architecture roadmaps allow you to visualize information and assets over time, identify gaps and shape your future-state organization.
Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps Help You Visualize Your Current and Future-state
erwin's simple yet powerful enterprise architecture roadmaps let you visualize your enterprise architecture and innovation information overlaid by time, so that you can see whats happening with a time-based view. You can look at a single point in time, or a date range such as 2015 through 2020.
Identify gaps and risk
Roadmaps are useful to look for things that are going to be mismatched, for example, a new application scheduled to go live before the hardware is provisioned, or a work package scheduled to be delivered after the target goal date. You can also identify the potential risk of alternative future-state scenarios to make more informed recommendations and decisions.
Configure exactly what you want to see
The user defines the Roadmap - the red line shows today's date, and the concepts displayed are specified by the user. The time-based attributes of each concept displayed here on the Roadmap, and any concept can be selected to view its attributes and make changes. *Our developers work very hard to release updates and new functionality, which means the GUI (graphical user interface) in the video is sometimes a little different than your Live or Trial account.

How to Migrate Data from erwin Data Modeler r7 to r9

Need to know how to migrate data from erwin Data Modeler r7 to r9? It doesn't have to be an onerous process, but it does require planning in order for it to occur smoothly. This video covers all the steps you need to consider, the resources you need to review, and provides helpful tips on how make a smooth migration from r7 to r9.

erwin Data Modeler for Microsoft SQL Azure

The erwin Data Modeler for Microsoft SQL Azure lets you manage your databases both on-premise and in the Cloud. This allows organizations to analyze the data with much more confidence, by aligning the disparate data sources. As the number of data sources increases, the way we manage data has to be revised. Organizations need to be prepared to manage Any Data, Anywhere (or Any2 for short). Without the necessary systems in place to manage Any2, businesses will find the potential for insightful and accurate analysis stifled.

erwin Source To Target Mapping

How to leverage Source to Target Mapping in erwin for your Data Warehouse practice and share this information in the erwin Web Portal.

How to Install erwin Web Portal

Wondering how to install erwin Web Portal? This video guide will take you through the process step by step. The three tier architecture of Web Portal can seem daunting if you are experienced only with pre-r9 client/server versions. You will need new skills and new contacts within your IT organization. This video provides a high level overview of the steps required to install erwin Web Portal, what new skills you need to know, who you will need communicate with in your company’s IT organization for the application server, and tips to help you make a smooth installation of Web Portal. Haven't tried Web Portal yet? Check it out for yourself here.

Reverse and Forward Engineering with Teradata

erwin Data Modeler r9.5 supports Teradata 13.x and 14.x reverse and forward engineering.

Report Designer Exporting and Publishing

Demonstrate exporting reports to TEXT and HTML with drill-down.

Report Designer Introduction

Introduce Report Designer workspace, create a basic report to demonstrate key features.

erwin Data Modeler and SAP Business Objects

See how to export erwin models into SAP Business Objects to create a populated universe using the free metadata integration bridge.