erwin Report Designer Introduction

Introduce Report Designer workspace, create a basic report to demonstrate key features.

erwin Borrowing Licenses when Using the CA erwin r9 Concurrent License

Describes the new erwin r9 feature "License Borrowing" — new functionality added to the erwin Concurrent License Server.

Naming and Datatype Standards (NSM & DSM) in erwin DM r9

Naming and Datatype Standards are now implemented differently in erwin r9. Learn what it means to you and how to use them.

erwin Data Modeler Applications and Licenses

erwin Data Modeler comes with a new licensing mechanism. The duration of your license, and the functionality you experience in your erwin Data Modeling product, is determined by the type of license you have purchased. This allows you to unlock increased functionality from your installation simply by purchasing, receiving, and entering a different license. This video describes how this new mechanism works.

erwin Data Modeler Diagramming Overview

This video provides an overview of the diagramming enhancements introduced in erwin Data Modeler. Particular attention is paid to those capabilities that improve a modeler's ability to manage and communicate the underlying information associated with their data models.

erwin Data Modeler Link Wizard Overview

This video reviews the use of the Link Wizard which replaces the Column Denormalization Transform found in earlier versions of erwin Data Modeler. This is an example of how to use the feature.

erwin Data Modeler How to Run Pre Packaged Reports

erwin Data Modeler comes with some reports ready to be run by simply clicking on a menu item. This video shows you how to access these reports.

erwin Data Modeler How to Create a Picture Report

erwin Data Modeler users typically want to be able to create a “picture” of their entire model to include with various reports. A windows enhance metafile (.emf) file works well for documents, an HTML picture is typically chosen for web applications, and a .pdf file is a common choice for cross platform applications. This video shows you how to create picture reports in each of these formats.

erwin Data Modeler Themes Overview

This video introduces the concept of using a new feature - Themes - in erwin Data Modeler. Themes are groupings of font and color settings within a group or level of objects in the data model. These may be used to highlight specific objects for specific audiences viewing the model.