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IDC Technology Spotlight

Data Intelligence in Context: Enabling Data Governance for Digital Transformation

Learn About the erwin EDGE for Data Intelligence & Governance

Data alone does not distinguish the enterprise — how the enterprise is enabled by data is the differentiator.

Data enablement requires governance and governance requires data intelligence to deliver the right data to the right resource at the best time.

This free IDC Technology Spotlight explores data governance as an organizational problem that requires an organizational solution to align corporate strategy with people, processes/policies, architecture, technology and data.

Data intelligence software, such as the erwin EDGE, enables this alignment and the opportunities that result – from compliance to optimized business operations – through:

  • Data discovery
  • Data cataloging
  • Data lineage
  • Data profiling and stewardship
  • Data mastering

Additionally, relationships are revealed within the data that put governing it in context of enterprise architectures, business processes and the people who execute them.

Learn more about what the IDC Technology Spotlight says about implementing the erwin EDGE for gaining the knowledge needed to be more effective and efficient with data.

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