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The Data Management Experts

Our lives revolve around information, as both consumers and generators. With the world’s total amount of data projected to rise to 44 zettabytes or 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020, it’s safe to say that Big Data is a fact of life – and business.1 Do you have the right technology not just to manage your mission-critical information but extract real value from it? Without fact-based insights from across the enterprise, your ability to create new products, improve productivity and influence customer behavior will be compromised. Let erwin help you use your data as a strategic asset and transformational tool for differentiation and growth.

Strong Legacy with a New Vision

For three decades, erwin Data Modeler (DM) has been the first choice of CDOs, CIOs, data architects and other IT professionals. Government agencies and the most discerning financial institutions, retailers and healthcare companies have made erwin the central hub for their enterprise data. Our proven track record and the opportunity to become a leader in the global Big Data market led Parallax Capital Partners to purchase erwin and establish it as a stand-alone company in March 2016.

Since then, we’ve acquired enterprise architecture (EA) company Corso and business process modeling company Casewise, integrating their technologies into our roadmap to provide end-to-end data management. erwin’s vision, as the data management experts, is to help customers use their data as the powerful denominator it is to produce the desired results. Data drives every C-suite goal, so it’s not just for the data people. Turns out, we’re all data people.

Innovation, Really

The word “innovation” has become a bit cliché – or maybe we’re just accustomed to technology driving societal change that makes our lives better (e.g., Amazon, Netflix and Uber). We just take advantage of it without giving it too much thought. But as a technology company, innovation remains an imperative. It’s who we are and what we do, so we’ve doubled our R&D investment with software developers and programmers on three continents. We’re also building world-class sales and service channels to ensure the best customer experiences from purchase through delivery and ongoing support.

According to Forbes, a Fortune 1000 company could earn an additional $65 million with access to just 10 percent more of its data. Thanks to erwin’s “any-squared” (Any2) approach to data management, both IT and business stakeholders can see “any data” from “anywhere” and use it to make faster, better decisions. This is the value of our open-source solutions that comprise the industry’s only unified data management platform with data modeling, enterprise architecture, business process modeling and data governance.

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We Get the Hard Stuff Right

Digital transformation is both a huge opportunity and massive challenge. But you can’t manage – or optimize – what you can’t see. It’s time to unlock and then connect your data to:

  • Identify opportunities and risks
  • Strengthen marketing and sales
  • Improve operational and financial performance
  • Manage risk and compliance
  • Produce new products and services or improve existing ones
  • Monetize data
  • Satisfy customers

erwin is the name you can trust for all your data management needs:

  • Effectively manage and govern massive volumes of data
  • Consolidate and build applications with hybrid architectures, including traditional, Big Data, cloud and on premise
  • Support expanding regulatory requirements, such as GDPR
  • Simplify collaboration across key roles and improve alignment with accurate financial and operational information
  • Improve business processes for operational efficiency and compliance
  • Empower employees with self-service access for enterprise data capability, fluency and accountability, giving them the right information at the right time to improve decision-making

Let us guide you in building a data-driven enterprise because organizations with accurate insights are more productive, compliant and profitable.

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Bernard Marr, “Big Data: 20 Mind-Boggling Facts Everyone Must Read,” Forbes, Sept. 30, 2015

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