Who We Are

The data governance company

Data is everywhere. And every day, industry and government are challenged to ride this data tidal wave, trying to manage both the massive risks and opportunities that come with high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets.

Like any corporate asset, data must be inventoried, cataloged, protected and made accessible for:

• Operational efficiency
• Revenue growth
• Compliance, privacy and security
• Increased customer satisfaction
• Improved decision-making

But how? That’s where we come in.

At erwin, data has been our business for a long time. It’s all we do. It’s all we’ve ever done. Given our expertise and our customers’ needs, we’re focused on data governance as the guiding principle and underlying technology to mitigate risk and maximize data’s upsides for peak business performance.

The Evolution – From Data Modeling to Data Governance

If you work in data, you know erwin. For more than 30 years, erwin Data Modeler (DM) has been the first choice of CDOs, CIOs, data architects and other IT professionals. Government agencies and the most discerning financial institutions, retailers and healthcare companies around the world have depended on us to power their mission-critical applications.

But we’ve evolved. Our proven track record and the opportunity to become a preeminent player in the data space led Parallax Capital Partners to purchase erwin and establish it as a private, stand-alone company in March 2016. Since then, we’ve acquired enterprise architecture (EA) company Corso, business process (BP) modeling company Casewise, and data harvesting technology and data governance (DG) consulting services company A&P Consulting.

These acquisitions, along with significant investment in R&D, have culminated in the industry’s only unified software platform centered around DG with integrations to EA, BP and DM. The erwin EDGE creates an enterprise data governance experience to deliver on the Data Governance 2.0 imperative: the collaboration of IT with the business to produce data-driven insights, agile innovation, regulatory compliance and business transformation.

So we are erwin, the data governance company.

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Getting the Hard Stuff Right

While questions of cybersecurity and regulatory pressures, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have elevated its profile, data governance goes beyond just risk management. It’s about understanding critical enterprise data within a business context, tracking its physical existence and lineage, and maximizing its security, quality and value.

erwin’s approach to data governance enables organizations to get a handle on how they handle their data with greater visibility, context and control. The right data of the right quality – regardless of format or location – is available for use by only the right people for the right purpose.

The erwin EDGE provides:

  • Support for any data, anywhere (Any2) enabling relational, unstructured, on-premise and cloud-based data assets to be coupled with well-documented business rules to ensure standards are followed
  • Collaboration and organizational empowerment so both business and IT users have consistent, persona-based views of data relevant to their roles to build trust, ensure alignment and enhance decision-making
  • An integrated ecosystem and visibility across domains to improve the enterprise’s facility with data across Data Governance 2.0
  • Regulatory peace of mind through compliance with government regulations (GDPR, HIPPA, FINRA) and cybersecurity measures, also protecting customer trust and preventing reputational damage
  • Data impact analysis because of seamless, out-of-the-box integration of DG, EA, BP and DM showing all places where specific data resides to determine how changes will impact people, processes and systems before being implemented

Data governance is where our core capabilities intersect, so it’s now the heart of our business. If you make it central to yours too, you’ll be able to achieve real results. Let us guide you and your organization in justifying, executing and sustaining DG initiatives that drive returns.

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