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A new study into data governance automation indicates organizations are prioritising value-adding use cases, over efforts concerning regulatory compliance.

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There are three different types of data models: conceptual, logical and physical, and each has a specific purpose. Conceptual Data Models: High-level, static business structures and concepts Logical Data Models: Entity types, data attributes and relationships between entities Physical Data Models: The internal schema database design An organization’s approach to data modeling will be influenced...

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As data-driven business becomes increasingly prominent, an understanding of data modeling and data modeling best practices is crucial. This posts outlines just that, and other key questions related to data modeling such as “SQL vs. NoSQL.” What is Data Modeling? Data modeling is a process that enables organizations to discover, design, visualize, standardize and deploy...

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Enterprises are trying to manage data chaos. They might have 300 applications, with 50 different databases and a different schema for each one. They also face increasing regulatory pressure because of global data regulations, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), that went into...

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Understanding the data governance trends for the year ahead will give business leaders and data professionals a competitive edge. Happy New Year! Regulatory compliance and data breaches have driven the data governance narrative during the past few years. While these will remain big data governance trends for 2020, we anticipate organizations will finally begin tapping...

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