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A Technology-Based Society

by Neil Buchwalter       • February 15, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to discuss product evolution with one of our erwin Modeling customers. This was a “no holds barred” discussion of product features and functions over the years, as well as a hypothetical presumption of what may come in the future. After an extensive and exhaustive exploration of product ideas, our thoughts almost simultaneously focused on technology as being the key factor and primary stimulus in our lives. We then continued our discussion for an additional hour and a half reminiscing about the “good old days” and the better days yet to come.

Dan (not his real name) and I concluded that technology is wonderful! It has enriched our lives, simplified our ability to communicate and collaborate, helped us to reduce the effects and the costs associated with combating disease and disability, improved an organization’s ability to not only survive, but to be competitive and successful in a highly regulated and ever more complex business environment, facilitated what we called the “human growth potential,” and so much more. As a society, we embrace technology and grasp at opportunities to apply technology to both old and new situations. The very nature and challenge of technology is that it is constantly evolving and driving us to evolve with it. As such, we get the chance to work with new technologies and apply them in familiar situations on a regular recurring basis. Life is good!

Being data modelers, we are already fully aware and appreciative of the changes technology has brought to our profession. For instance, erwin Data Modeler has allowed us to evolve from days past when we used pencil and paper to draw our data models. This technology has alleviated the need for many manual and often tedious and error-prone tasks, such as including hand coding of database generation commands, repetitive creation of the same objects time and time again and in different data models, manual enforcement of organizational standards, and the design and maintenance of a centralized yet secure location to store and from which to share all data-related information. I suspect few data modelers would be satisfied using an early-computerized drawing tool to create a “masterpiece” data model containing more than one thousand entities and tens of thousands of attributes now that we have embraced the benefits produced by today’s technology.

Incorporation of modern technology has enabled data modelers to be more productive and businesses to react more quickly to a constantly evolving business environment. For example, cloud-based technologies coupled with SaaS solutions impose new challenges in analyzing and integrating our existing legacy data systems with data from diverse sources of which we have no control over. We can no longer be content just being a data modeler, as technology advances have redefined us and our careers as data integrators. Who knows what new skills we will have to add to our resume in the future?

The world of technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. The more technology changes, the more it changes our society, and the more our society evolves, the better our technology becomes.

Stand in one place for too long, and you will drown in an ever-growing and developing sea of innovation.

Today, many of us have witnessed technology guide us from test tubes to transistors, from low definition CRT-based TV sets to large 4K curved-panel TVs, from telephones cabled to a wall socket in the home to carry-around wireless “smartphones,” and from mainframes to tablets. Acronyms such as NoSQL (Not Only SQL), OTG (On the Go), aaS (As a Service), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and IOT (Internet of Things) did not exist even 10 years ago, but are commonplace today. Technology has facilitated our evolution from the Stone Age to the Electronic Age and beyond, and we are now entering an era where Dan and I believe that anything that one can imagine is ultimately possible – and we are in awe of the possibilities!

As already stated, Life is Good – and it will only get better through the evolution of technology. What do you think?

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