erwin Data Governance

The most connected data governance software

Data governance isn’t just for IT – we’re all “data people.” But we need to understand what data means within a business context, be able to track its physical existence and lineage, and maximize its security, quality and value. erwin DG enables organizations to know what data they have and where it resides, understand what it means in common, standardized terms and then transform it into useful information they can act on – all while controlling its access. Broadening data governance beyond IT creates an “enterprise data governance experience” that fuels an accurate, real-time, high-quality data pipeline. Then you can yield the necessary business intelligence to produce the desired outcomes – from regulatory compliance to business transformation.

Create an Enterprise Data Governance Experience

Expand data governance beyond IT to the rest of the organization, enabling all stakeholders to view any data from anywhere in context to accelerate its transformation into accurate, actionable insights.

Automate a High-Quality Data Pipeline

Realize more effective and efficient data preparation, modeling and governance through connectivity to an array of data sources and automated data mapping and data lineage.

Understand How Data Changes Impact Operations

Know where specific data resides and how changes to the data landscape will impact people, processes and systems before you implement them.

Integrated Business Glossary, Data Dictionary and Catalog

Build glossaries of terms in taxonomies with synonyms, acronyms and relationships, publish approved standards and prioritize them. Map data in all its forms to the central catalog of data elements to answer the vital question of “where is our data?” Then understand who and what is using your data to ensure adherence to usage standards and rules.

Intelligent Data Lineage and Impact Analysis

Understand, harvest and document the origin of data in BI reports and the data warehouse with lineage reports. See real-time impact diagrams linking core data elements to the business glossary and databases that store them, processes that use and transform them, and applications that access and manipulate them to better plan and manage change.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Automate the discovery, categorization and documentation of sensitive data elements across the data landscape. The intelligent automation to identify sensitive data reduces the burden of compliance efforts in terms of both time and resources. Such functionality also reduces data-related risks across the board.

Automated Metadata Scanning and Harvesting

Schedule ongoing metadata scans for the widest array of metadata targets, enabling automated data harvesting to update the catalog while leaving any enrichments in place. These capabilities, combined with lifecycle management, keep metadata current with full versioning and change management, reducing expensive manual tasks and rework.

Integrated Data Governance Ecosystem

As the hub of the erwin EDGE Platform, data governance becomes everyone’s business. Break down organizational and technical silos for data visibility, context, control and collaboration across domains. And unify the people, processes and systems that manage and protect data through consistent data exchange, understanding and processing to increase quality and trust.